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What's a session like?

(Your comfort comes first)


It begins with getting to know you and what your goals for the current session are.

This is a time to ask questions.

You lay fully dressed, facing up on a soft padded massage table with pillows, bolster and heat as needed for optimal comfort.


I'll hold your head, shoulders or feet, while tuning into your body,

I may begin with some guided meditation, imagery, and/or breathwork to encourage relaxation.

In my mind I ask what your being needs and I give full focus to where your body leads me with subtle movements under your skin in your fascia .

I hold these areas gently until tension/restriction are disolved/released.

I continue follow and support your tissues subtle movements leading me to other areas of tension/restriction. 


I'll be checking in with you for feedback on your experience and comfort.

Your experience during the session may include:

  • Relaxation so deep that you feel your mind and body softening

  • A quiet meditation-like state

  • Sensing subtle movements or shifting

  • A pleasant sense of warmth as restrictions release

  • Memories or insights 

At the end of the session, you may:

  • Feel relaxed, but also energized

  • Find yourself breathing more fully and deeply

  • Stand straighter and taller

  • Feel more comfortable in your body 

  • Feel a new sense of peace and ease.

  • Have a great nights sleep

  • Have new insights and attitudes to improve your life


You'll have some time to lay on the table, once the therapy is finished, to continue processing the changes before you get up and move into the rest of your day

This is a good time to reflect on the session experience and assess how you feel. 


Susan Chapman LMT,CST.


14242 SE Main ST

Portland, OR 97233


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