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When to use CST

You may be experiencing:

  • pain (head/neck/jaw/shoulders/back/hips/arms/hands/legs/feet)

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • physical, emotional or spiritual trauma

  • concussion recovery

  • jaw pain/TMJ

  • nervous system disorder/learning disability

  • depression

  • chronic fatigue

  • the need to be heard

  • the need to say something​

  • the need to be nurtured

  • the need to make a change in your life

  • ​the need to reconnect to yourself/body awareness

Craniosacral Therapy addresses all these issues,


being proactive in your physical and emotional health is

the most effective method for maintaining your personal

resources so you can weather whatever comes your way.

I suggest:

-Life Cycles

Women’s life cyles create opportunities for healing and growth.

Craniosacral Therapy can support women during each of their cycles (including menstration and menopause discomforts) allowing them to embrace change naturally and reconnect to body and soul.

Schedule a session during summer, fall, winter and spring for basic coverage.

Schedule monthly for the optimal proactive approach.

-.Before or after an anticipated stressfull event.

Prepare your body, mind and spirit before the event and recovery after.

-More reasons my clients have scheduled sessions::

  •  surgery

  •  cancer

  •  relationship issues

  •  respite for a caregiver

  •  holidays

  •  traveling

  •  visitors staying

We each have something that we know may drain our energy supply or push our buttons.

I invite you to schedule a time to take care of yourself so you have more resourses to enjoy life to the fullest.

"Change happens when the pain of holding on to tension becomes greater than the fear of letting go."


Susan Chapman LMT,CST.


14242 SE Main ST

Portland, OR 97233


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